Educational Support Project

Let's support the scholarly ambitions of students who bear the weight of the next generation on their shoulders.

Educational Support Project is intended for students who have difficulty continuing their studies for economic reasons, with the goal of providing needed assistance through the projects outlined below. These projects encourage talented students as well as their motivation to learn.

1Tuition Exemption Project
Students are exempted from all or part of the cost of tuition, admission fees, and/or room and board. Other supports which reduce students' economic burden.
2Financial Aid Project
Provides loans or grants to cover school expenses.
3Study Abroad Support Project
Covers the costs related to study abroad for students when such study is deemed necessary for purposes of education or research
4TA and RA* Project
Covers the expenses required to employ students in educational or research positions, mainly to help students improve their own talents.
*TA: Teaching Assistant; RA: Research Assistant