A Message from the President: NU MIRAI

Giving to Our University
Seiichi Matsuo, President of Nagoya University

For the past 147 years, Nagoya University has been taking on the challenge of producing world-leading scholarship while at the same time striving to cultivate “courageous intellectuals” capable of playing leading roles in society. Our efforts began with the foundation of the Owari Domain Temporary Medical School/Public Hospital―the forerunner of today's Nagoya University―in 1871. Nagoya University is the “youngest child” of the former Imperial University (founded in 1939). Despite being called “Imperial”, after the war, the university was facing severe lack of resources and had to start its activity from zero, but at the same time it had received various support from local residents. After that, talented young teachers from all over the country gathered, creating a free and natural atmosphere without any hierarchical relationships. Such "environment" of Nagoya University gave birth to the 6 Nobel Prize winners have been affiliated with the University in the beginning of the 21st century. Nowadays, our numerous graduates have come to play central roles in of various fields. I would like to thank everyone for your support of our university.

Under the management guidelines of the "Nagoya University Matsuo Initiatives for Reform, Autonomy and Innovation 2020" (NUMIRAI 2020), we are hard at work expanding upon the traditions built up by our predecessors, putting into practice the slogan “Make Nagoya University a World-leading Research University.” Our goals for the end of academic year 2020 are to advance our world-class education and state-of-the-art research, to realize an attractive campus chosen by students and researchers from around the world, and to further expand into the Asian region. We will do this while pursuing the equally important goal of contributing to innovation through industry-academia-government collaboration, as we are a university rooted in one of Japan’s main manufacturing clusters.
Also, in March 2018, I received a designation from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology concerning National University Corporation. By this moment, there have been five universities, including ours, designated. As a leading university of Japan, National University Corporation is expected to be a top runner with other international competitors, promoting university reform and contributing towards the sustainable development of society. Education and research activities Nagoya University has been currently promoting as a Designated National University is a big challenge aimed at solving social issues of the current era. There is a big wall for that realization but I believe that with courage we can move forward.

Your support of the Nagoya University Foundation, an independent source of funding for the University, is essential in meeting these goals. Your valued donations have been put to use chiefly in the student development, where they have generated steadily increasing results. Our University will mark the 150th anniversary of its initial founding in 2021. To commemorate this occasion, our faculty and staff members are altogether striving to realize world-leading research and education. For my part, I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt request for your continued support of the Nagoya University Foundation.

Make Nagoya University
a World-leading Research University

Nagoya University will mark the 150th anniversary of its initial founding in 2021.
In line with the NU MIRAI 2020 vision, which describes the goals to be achieved by the year prior to this anniversary in 2021, Nagoya University is taking on a wide range of challenges in areas including education, research, industry-academia-government collaboration, and contribution to the international community.
Our goal in these endeavors is to develop Nagoya University into a world-leading research university, and further to support the sustained growth of our local community, and by extension, Japan.

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