Why donations are needed

Strengthening our financial foundation is essential if we are to continue our world-class education and research, our contributions to Japan and the local community.

As it aims to be a world-leading research university, Nagoya University is reinvigorating its educational and research activities. Consequently, funding also must increase in proportion with these efforts. Management expenses grants from the government to support the university's education and research activities, however, are being reduced from year to year as Japan's national fiscal situation worsens; this makes strengthening our University’s financial base through the Foundation all the more essential, so that we may continue our world-class education and research in the future.

Students who receive financial aid account for 51.3% of all university students in Japan.

The number of undergraduate and graduate students who receive this financial aid in Japan is increasing from year to year. Today, one in two students receives financial assistance. Your help will be essential in supporting these young people and the bright futures that lie ahead of them.