Support Projects

Student Development

At present, the Nagoya University Foundation is mainly engaged in providing financial assistance to our students. As such, we humbly request donations in support of our projects to produce outstanding graduates.

Stipends for Japanese Students to Go Abroad

Supported Students: 49 (2017)

To cultivate future leaders who will be able to thrive in global society, our University promotes study abroad opportunities for Japanese students. With the goal of making study abroad accessible to each one of our University's students in the future, we plan to further increase the number of students supported by the Foundation.

Scholarships for G30* International Undergraduate Students

Supported Students: 77 (2017)

In order to attract talented students from around the world, the University awards scholarships to particularly outstanding students from abroad. At present we accept more than 2000 international students per year, and so further support is essential. * The G30 Program:
This refers to the Global 30 Project to promote the internationalization of Japanese universities as initiated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). The G30 Project arranges programs for degree conferment following completion of courses taught in English.

Asian Satellite Campus Scholarships

Supported Students: 20 (2017)

Our University has opened Asian Satellite Campuses in six countries for the purpose of producing graduates ready to play pivotal roles in their respective nations. These scholarships cover the costs of schooling at our campuses in Japan for the students of these Satellite Campuses, including government officials from each country.

Geta no Hanao Scholarships

Supported Students: 4 (2017)

“Pay it forward.” These scholarships were established by a graduate of Nagoya University who was inspired by these words from a woman who gave him a strap to repair a broken sandal. It awards scholarships to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance, but find it difficult to continue their studies due to financial hardship.

Hoshizaki Scholarships

Supported Students: 5 (2016)
26 (2018)

These scholarships were established with a donation of shares in the Sakamoto Donation Foundation Corporation gifted by its founders, the food service equipment manufacturer Hoshizaki Corporation's chairperson/president and his wife. This scholarship provides funding to students facing financial hardships, reflecting its founders’ interest in supporting promising students in the field of manufacturing.