Support Projects

Special Funds

Special funds are used to directly support projects.
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Focusing on the development of the educational and research environment for nurturing talented human resources leading to future Nobel Laureates.

As the central research university in the Chubu area of Japan (in the Tokai area of Japan), the Faculty of Engineering has established the NUDF-e (Nagoya University Designated Fund for School of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering) for the further development of the educational and research environment to promote the nurturing of innovative scientists and engineers as well as talented human resources that can achieve world-class recognition such as the Nobel Prize.
We sincerely ask for your continued support and cooperation so that our students and young researchers can devote themselves to study and research.

Realizing an environmental innovation for our children's future

Nagoya University is advancing research and development toward a better energy efficient devices by fully utilizing excellent potential of Gallium Nitride (GaN) and related compound semiconductors, which is the material of the blue LED.
Under Prof. H. Amano, director of Center for Integrated Research of Future Electronics(CIRFE), who received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014, we expect to realize an environmental innovation with worldwide impact.
We aim to reduce about 15% of the whole electricity consumption by 2025-30 and contribute to realizing energy saving with this most advanced technique originating in Japan.

“To remain the top-runner in promoting legal assistance in Asia”

The Graduate School of Law and the Center for Asian Legal Exchange have been promoting legal assistance projects in Asia since the early 1990s. Our history of devotion and achievements in this field has recently been duly acknowledged and rewarded with the construction of the “Asian Legal Exchange Plaza on campus. In memory of this new development and to aim at further continuation of education and research activities as two inseparable parts of legal assistance projects, we have decided to set up this earmarked support program. We sincerely appreciate any heartfelt generous contributions which may come from you.

Please make a donation to the Female Leadership Fund to support women leaders who build the future.

In 2015, Nagoya University was selected as the only University IMPACT Champion in Japan by UN Women for the promotion of HeForShe. HeForShe is a solidarity movement for gender equality on a global scale. We will continue to strive for a gender equal society by increasing overseas training opportunities for female students, furthering support programs for female researchers, and accelerating our women’s leadership programs.

For serving the society by research and education for next 100 years

Nagoya Commercial College, the predecessor of the School of Economics and the Graduate School of Economics, was established in 1920. Soon the School will celebrate its centennial anniversary.
In order to better serve in the world of ICT and internationalization, equipment of the lecture rooms will be replaced and renovated. 100 years History of the School will be published and centennial anniversary events such as international symposium will be held not only for the academic society but also for the society as a whole.

A baton of Life、 a supreme gift in the future. - Empowering young medical personnel with a dream

Nagoya University School of Medicine and Graduate School of Medicine are working on the training of medical professionals to contribute to community medicine. We have the goal of sending to the world significant basic researches as well as clinical researches to contribute to acquire new knowledge on the mechanism of illness and develop new diagnostic tools and treatment options.
“Medical Science Future Personnel Training Support Project” moves forward to improve and enrich the education for undergraduate、 graduate students and the research environment through “Environmental Improvement of Student Education Project” and “Young Researcher Support Project”.

We are supporting University start-ups financially and technically, and also fostering entrepreneurship among researchers and students of the university.

We strongly believe our efforts to provide financial and technical supports to researchers and students who have energetic ambitions to be entrepreneurs or innovators would eventually result in our contribution to the society by applying their innovative ideas or research accomplishments to the society. "The Tongali Project "is a platform for such supports and education to our researchers and students, who want to be entrepreneurs or innovators.
We are providing them with several opportunities to obtain necessary mind-set of entrepreneurship, technical knowledge and skill-sets for producing innovative ideas, as well as providing them with financial supports or professional advices in order to set up new venture companies.
By receiving your strong supports, we would like to enhance and expand our activities as a platform of such educational and supporting functions.

Providing high-quality and cutting-edge medical technology and leading next generation of medicine

Nagoya University Hospital, as one of a National University Hospital in Japan, plays a key role in receiving patients from all Japan and also abroad, and providing high-quality treatment environment in the country. “Nagoya University Hospital Support Project” moves forward to further improve our treatment service for patients as well as promoting advanced clinical research. We would like to ask for your support and cooperation to continuously improve our service.

The Nagoya University Library plays an important role in research & education at Nagoya University.
In performing its role, the Library will:
1) collect and provide library materials;
2) create and maintain a learning environment such as "Learning Commons";
3) disseminate the fruits of research and scholarship at Nagoya University; and
4) preserve rare books and old manuscripts.
This fund was established in order to further advance these projects and to improve the learning environment and library services for the next generations. We will greatly appreciate your kind support.

We pursue the goal of realizing gender equality at Nagoya University by increasing the percentage of female faculty members and women leaders.

With regard to the percentage of women in academia, most of OECD countries have around 40%, but Japan has only 25.2%. We pursue the goal of realizing gender equality at Nagoya University by increasing the percentage of female faculty members and women leaders. In order to steadily increase the percentage of female faculty members and women in decision-making positions, we utilize this fund and implement incentive measures.

Change the world with molecules

The Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM) aims to develop molecules that change the way we live, i.e. “transformative bio-molecules”, through the integration of cutting-edge synthetic chemistry and animal/plant biology research. ITbM has established the special fund for the further challenges to solve urgent problems in science and technology that have an impact on society. We sincerely ask for your continued support and cooperation.

Support our youth leading the way to the future.

The Affiliated Schools were originally founded in Toyokawa City in 1947 as a junior high school affiliated with the Okazaki Higher Normal School. Now located on the campus of Nagoya University, the school will celebrate the 75th anniversary of its founding in 2022. Over its entire history, the school’s spirit of “Independence and Self-Reliance” has been passed from generation to generation of students. Today, the Affiliated Schools maintain several exchange programs with sister schools abroad, and so the word “Globalization” has been added to the school’s history. Please make a donation to help send as many students as possible abroad.

Cultivating talented individuals to undertake the researches in next generation of pharmaceutical sciences and contribute to human health and well-being.

At the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, aiming towards the construction of a society that has health and longevity, we are striving day in and day out through our educational and research activities to produce leading researchers who can play active roles in the pharmaceutical and medical industries and lead the next generation of pharmaceutical sciences. In order to continuously improve and enhance the educational and research environments for these students and young researchers, we humbly ask for your warm support.

Cultivate future leaders of the Society from the School of Science

School of Science has been fostering internationally renowned researchers including Nobel Laureates as well as leaders of industry, government, and academia. This fund aims to financially support students, to provide better environment for students, to award a prize for top students, and to encourage students to have overseas experiences. Your contribution is truly invaluable to our students.

For the purpose of providing Stipends, Housing subsidies and Overseas Training Expenses support to program students

The PhD Professional Program has been committed to not only nurturing and developing graduate talent equipped with sufficient capabilities to support the expansion of global manufacturing business, but also nurturing young PhD Professionals with a Ph.D. and practical skills as leading players in a wide variety of fields. Your support to our program will make it possible for us to contribute and respond to the world society by fostering worldwide leading talent. With your support our students will be able to engage in their research and programmatic activities. We look forward to your financial support to help award scholarships and overseas training grants to the students.

For nurturing excellent human resources leading and improving our future education

Since its founding in 1949, the School of Education has fostered many excellent talents in the form of educators, educational administrators, counselors and researchers. With the 70th anniversary commemorative, we have set up a special fund to improve the educational and research environment of the undergraduate and graduate students of our school. We sincerely ask for your continued support and cooperation.

Toward a new vision to shape a more interactive museum

Nagoya University Museum was established in April 2000 as the fifth general university museum in Japan. It plays an active role as a face of Nagoya University to intelligibly explain research results and education programs through exhibitions and lectures. Currently several projects are in progress: re-generating new exhibitions of Nagoya University’s latest research, developing a new community space, and organizing Campus Museum to explore the entire campus and discover curiosity just like in a museum. We aim to create a useful museum for all of you!

In Pursuit of Saving Lives and Livelihoods from Disasters

The Nagoya University Disaster Mitigation Research Center provides a wide variety of exhibits, programs and seminars for children and adults, aiming at reducing loss of lives and livelihoods from disasters. We would like to ask your generous support to upgrade and renovate our hands-on exhibits on disasters and mitigation techniques, to develop toolkits for disaster awareness, to archive & publish disaster records and documents, and expand our public outreach programs.

For education of young people with mathematical proficiencies and global visions.

Graduate School of Mathematics endeavors in developing outstanding human resources with mathematical proficiencies by creating an excellent educational and research environment. To realize these objectives, we ask for your continuing support. With the support we would receive, we will create scholarships for students with economic difficulties, support for research activities of students and young researchers, support for developing student's educational ability, support for international students, awards for excellent dissertations, and improvement of educational and research environment.

For improving the infrastructure of the School of Medicine to accelerate innovation.

In 2021, the School of Medicine of Nagoya University will mark the 150th anniversary since it was established as a provisional temporary hospital/ temporary medical school of Nagoya Domain in 1871.
“The 150 Anniversary Support Project of Nagoya University Foundation for Development of Infrastructure of School of Medicine” will improve of the campus aiming at improving the brand power of the School of Medicine, and do maintenance of the animal laboratory facility where the problem of stagnation of research due to narrowing and aging. We appreciate your warm support for this project.

Groundbreaking archaeology: the latest technologies shed new light on the greatest mystery of the ancient world

In this project, we promote the interdisciplinary archaeological survey in Egypt to shed new light on the structure and construction of the pyramids. The data acquisition of the exterior of the monument will be conducted by a 3D drone survey while the data of the inner structure will be obtained by “muongraphy”. In addition to the survey data, we also take a multifaceted approach such as the excavations of the surroundings to understand the development and the transformation of society of the Old Kingdom in Egypt. The use of these data can introduce an unprecedented form of empirical analysis.

A proud tradition of excellence

Established in 1911, the Nagoya University Rowing Club (NURC) is a place for students to pursue a passion in rowing. Being the oldest club in our university, we take pride in our tradition of excellence both on the water and in the classroom. Our men’s and women’s team have enjoyed a history of success at national regattas in Japan as well as the historic annual regatta between Osaka University that was first held in 1940. Many of the boats and oars we use are funded through your donations, and every bit of support makes a difference. The Nagoya University Rowing Club Boathouse Fund was thus created to make it easier for you to give to NURC, so that we may in turn continue to be a crew to inspire others.